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This is an example of the sort of meals we do...

Winter Warmer Lunches

Homemade soup of the day with a toasted sandwich £7.50

Homemade Welsh Lamb Cawl with crusty roll and cheese £6.95

Gammon 12oz with either egg or pineapple, served with chips £9.50

Battered Cod, peas, and chips £8.00

Wholetail scampi, peas and chips £8.00

Salmon & dill fishcake, baby potatoes and peas G/F £8.95

Ham, egg, peas, and chips £7.00

Mushroom Stroganoff £6.95

Liver and bacon casserole with Mashed pots and peas £8.95

Faggots, peas, and Chips with gravy £6.95

All the above are served with either bread & butter or garlic bread

Light Bites

Jacket Potato with bacon, cheese, and mushrooms £6.95

Jacket Potato with Chilli, cheese and tortilla chips £6.95

Jacket Potato with chicken curry and mango chutney £6.95

Jacket Potato with cheese and beans £5.50

Cream tea; Homemade sultana scone with butter jam and

Chantilly cream with a fresh strawberry slice £3.25

Selection of sandwiches and toasties available, please ask a member of staff for options.

Children’s meal

Fish fingers, Sausage or Nuggets served with either peas or

beans chips, half a slice of bread and butter and a squash £4.50